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Our aim is simple

To bridge the gap between supportive, goal-orientated coaching, and cutting-edge race preparation methods.

We achieve this by striving to understand you as both a person and an athlete, focusing on creating a positive coach-athlete relationship with opportunity to adapt, grow and improve, rather than a prescriptive approach geared towards increasing tolerance of greater and greater levels of stress.

Our application of cutting-edge scientific research then provides more avenues for us to explore in your training, racing and recovery, ultimately helping you to realise your true potential.

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Performance Services

At Souplesse Cycling, we employ comprehensive assessment, planning, monitoring and performance strategy processes to develop your abilities and achieve your competitive goals



We assess your abilities on the bike makes it possible to pin-point specific strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity in your performance. This provides a basis for planning and monitoring your development.

We regularly re-assess capacities to quantify your adaptive response to training, and refine future blocks to increase effectiveness.

A detailed description of assessment can be found here.

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Together, we'll develop clear, realistic short- and long-term performance goals, based on your specific abilities.

We'll generate a personalised "route-map" that prepares you to achieve your specific goals across a phase, season or cycle.

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We offer state-of-the-art monitoring methods to facilitate continuous assessment of your adaptation to training. By combining measures of your resting heart rate variability, heart rate response to external workloads, and subjective measures of wellbeing, your training and recovery can be adjusted on-the-fly to maximise adaptation.


Performance Strategy

To ensure you can deliver the performance you've worked towards, we'll help you fine tune your nutrition, develop a race warm-up protocol and plan your race tactics.

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